Tuscan Hills Winery

One of our favorite places to stay on I57 at Effingham, Illinois, is Tuscan Hill Winery.

Our view from our window

The Winery is one of the numerous Harvest Host Affiliates.

They have a level, spacious gravel parking lot. Last night we tucked in along the side of the lot, next to a golden cornfield. It was awesome watching the sun kiss the tops of the corn’s golden tassels.

Our dog Lucy enjoyed romping on her 25 ft lead in the well-manicured grassy field adjacent to the winery.

We slept safe and secure along with about seven other RVers, all encamped along the edges of the parking lot.

This morning we have had our breakfast, and after a quick job of tucking in our slides, we are once again on the road heading south.

We loved our “pull-through” site at Tuscan Hills!

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