In Retrospect: The Poconos

Tuesday, May 31, 2022

We are off on another adventure today. This time we are exploring some of the waterfalls in the Pocono mountains.

It is very overcast today, and storms are predicted for this afternoon. The colors are flat and lifeless, and it’s not really a good day for photography. But, in life, one has to work with the time one is given. We will be in this area for only a week, and so, like we always do, we are cramming as much adventure into this time slot as is possible!

The gnats and little flying bugs are insane this morning, and they especially like my freshly washed hair. While walking the dog this morning, they were swarming around my face. Swatting at them made me look like a crazy lady frantically swinging my arms this way and that.

I doused every inch of my body with bug spray before climbing in the Jeep this morning, and I even sprayed the top of my hat. We will see if they love bug spray as much as freshly washed hair!

We drove up highway 209 to Dingman Falls. When we arrived at the trailhead, we were disappointed to discover that dogs are not allowed on the trail to the Falls. Unfortunately, we brought our four-footed hairy traveling companion with us this morning. I secretly wondered if we could pass her off as a Wookie but quickly discarded the idea because Wookies don’t bark! So, instead, Joe and I took turns walking the trail. When it was my turn to hike, I didn’t make it to Dingman Falls. It was a long way in, and I was worried about the time. Dingman has two Falls along the hike: Siverstrand Falls and then Dingman Falls.

Joe completed the hike to the Falls and back while Lucy and I hung out in the car. At this point, we decided to meander back to camp. On the way home, we decided to take a drive up Chestnut Ridge Road. It was not for the faint of heart, even in a Jeep. The gravel was loose, and the road was narrow, steep, and curvy. Joe said that I was exaggerating Chestnut Ridge ’cause he didn’t even need to put the Jeep in four-wheel drive.

Not long after we returned to camp, the bottom fell out of the sky. So, we decided to stay indoors, dry, and out of the rain! Until next time-

Wednesday, June 1, 2022
We decided to stay at camp today and just take a down day. It stormed most of the day, knocking out our cell/data reception as well as our satellite signal.

Thursday, June 2, 2022
We ventured out this morning without Lucy. Poor girl was heartbroken to have been left at camp. But, she was not welcome at Raymondskill Falls. It has been reported to be Pennsylvania’s tallest waterfall, and the hike down and back was difficult, even though they had a wooden boardwalk. My calves, thighs, and glutes got a good workout, and I didn’t know muscles could sing! But that day, mine certainly did!

Raymondskill Falls

Friday, June 3, 2022
We decided to start earlier today, and I made up some Tuna Salad last night. So all we had to do this morning was to eat breakfast, throw some stuff in the cooler, and hit the road. Poor Lucy got left at camp again this morning, and she was pretty vocal about it until her daddy explained in a calm voice that she simply was not going.

Our first stop was Resica Falls, located inside a Scout Camp., and it was beautiful like all of the other waterfalls we have encountered in this state. We met a scout leader on the way out who told us about Ringing Rocks State Park. He said when you strike the rocks with a hammer, they hum. What an interesting phenomenon. Perhaps we will venture there later this afternoon!

Resica Falls

Next, we meandered up to the Lake Wallenpaupack area, searching for Paupack Falls, and Google led us on a wild goose chase! We gathered our bearing once again and searched for the elusive waterfalls.

A duck walking the banks of Lake Wallenpaupack

Research revealed that the Falls are located at or near Ledges Hotel in Hawley, Pa. But, when we arrived at the hotel, we saw a disappointing little fall in front of the hotel, and I coun’t believe that punie little thing was Paupack Falls

We decided to park in a lot down from the hotel, and eat some lunch. We chose to Picnic “Jeep style,” with the back window up and the back gate swung open.

Ready for lunch Jeepin’ style in parking lot near the Ledges Hotel

After lunch, I stopped a lady and asked her where the Falls were, and she told me they were behind the hotel, and a man parked outside in a car said the hotel had a viewing deck outback behind the lobby. So, like all good tourists, we walked in and asked the man at the front desk if we could view the Falls. He said, “Sure,” and pointed to the Back. What awaited us was “Paradise on Earth!” In my opinion, it was the prettiest falls we’ve seen in Pennsylvania yet!

Paupack Falls

Joe and I had a friendly little wager about how much it would cost to stay at this hotel. I wagered about 200 a night, and Joe said it was more. I lost the bet!

Drum roll, please! The cheapest rate is 268 dollars a night! The Starry-eyed Romance Package was 568 dollars a night! Consequently, we probably will never have a room at the Ledges Hotel. Just sayin’. It sure is beautiful, though!

Ringing Rocks Park is unfortunately not in the cards for this trip. After seeing Paupack Falls, we used Google Navigate to show us directions to Ringing Rocks Park. Google said the park was an hour and Forty-five minutes away! However, it was already three o’clock in the afternoon, and Lucy had not been out since we left camp at nine-thirty am. Along the way home, we decided to make a quick stop at the Bushkill access to the Delaware River. Some folks with canoes were launching into the river, and it made me miss our canoeing days because it was a beautiful place for a float trip!

Tomorrow we have a planned down day, and Sunday, we are heading south to Jim Thorpe town. I booked a ride on the Reading. We are taking a train on a scenic excursion! Catch ya then!

Sunday, June 5, 2022
We awoke bright and early at 7:30 am (well maybe not so bright and early!) We finished a quick breakfast, walked the dog, packed some snacks, and hit the road! We left the RV at 9:30 am and reached the train station at 10:45, barely having time to park and pick up our tickets before boarding our train. The ride aboard the open-air rail car was fun, and I have many videos of the passing trees! So, we actually “took a ride on the Reading Railroad” for 25 dollars!

Riding the rails on the Reading!

After our ride, we began to walk around the town of Jim Thorpe, renamed in honor of the legendary Olympic Champion and Baseball player. The original name for the burg was East Mauch Chunk!

The downtown buildings sport Victorian architecture mixed with an eclectic modern vibe, and camera in hand, I was fascinated by everything around me! Clicking my shutter a million times a minute, I could almost hear passersby say, “Watch out for that crazy lady behind the camera; she is stumbling into everything!”

We ate lunch at the Mad Hatter. It was ok, the decor was quirky in an artsy way, but I believe the Louisiana Baked Beans on my plate, were straight from a can of Bush’s Best!

After lunch, we slowly meandered back to our car and then headed back to camp. Tomorrow is a travel day. North-Central Pennsylvania, here we come!

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