Timothy Lake South- Stroudsburg, PA

Timothy Lake South is a wonderful Thousand Trails Campground. The park allows each camper to choose their site, which I appreciated. We were able to find a spot with two to three bars of cell signal and clear access to the southern skies. Which meant we had Data/Phone access plus Dish signal! A win-win for us! The sites are spaced well apart, and each site has 50 amps with water and sewer. The water pressure is great!

The only thing I do not like about the park is that it is not very dog friendly. There is no dog park, and there are no open area green spaces large enough for our picky pup to do her business. One of the park’s rules is that pets may not be left unsupervised in RV’s.

The park is easy to access. However, Garmin RV Users beware: Do not let Garmin direct you down Norman Road on the way into the park. The road is a landmine of giant potholes! They were everywhere and could not be avoided! Our little Casita (Bounder Motorhome) did not react well to its imposed bump dancing. Our little house took on a life of its own! As we rocked side to side, cabinet doors would open and then shut- first one side and then the other, with a continuous whoosh-bang, whoosh-bang. Hastily, I unbuckled my seatbelt and sprung to my feet. I was frantically trying to keep the cabinet doors closed and my dinner plates from becoming flying saucers. This job was a tremendous feat, as I was trying to keep my own balance. Thankfully the road was only about a quarter of a mile long, and we did escape with no casualties! However, never again!

So, that being said, the best way to get to the campground from Stroudsburg is to travel 209 North to Winona Falls Road and make a left-hand turn. Then turn left onto Timothy Lake Rd. From Timothy Lake Rd, turn left onto Ingress and into the campground!

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