Arctic Freeze

Indiana. Calendar date-3 January 2022.

We are two days into our Arctic freeze. Today’s high is supposed to be twenty-five degrees Fahrenheit and the low is a bone-chilling nine degrees. We have a hundred-gallon propane tank hooked directly to our motorhome, and the floor furnace runs almost non-stop.

We had a cold air leak around the bedframe of our bed, which we took care of by running some weather stripping along the seam where the bedframe meets the wall. We have ordered two rolls of car insulation, and we will use some of it on the bed frame. We will use the balance of the two rolls insulating our outside bays on our motorhome. The insulation rolls have shipped from Amazon and should arrive today.

Last night we slept warm and toasty, but we woke up to our worst nightmare! We had frozen water somewhere in our plumbing system, and this morning, we had no running water. To an RVer, the thought of frozen pipes compares to living a horror movie!

We managed to make half a pot of coffee by using up the two twelve-ounce bottles of water we had on hand. So, after a few sips of piping hot brew, Joe slipped on his boots, hat, gloves, and Eskimo coat and headed outside to begin to diagnose our frosty problem. He determined that we had running water at the spigot and that our heated hose had not failed. So, therefore the problem was at the faucet, in the water filter, or worst, frozen somewhere in the belly of our coach. The most straightforward approach to solving the problem was assuming that the problem was in the connection or the water filter. We pulled out our outside extension cord, grabbed my Conair hairdryer, and proceeded to bathe everything in the utility bay with a constant stream of hot, balmy air. It turns out it was the water filter that had frozen, and after about an hour of hot air, we again had running water. My husband and my hairdryer both deserve a medal of honor! My husband for standing in the cold, and the hairdryer for going above and beyond its call of duty! Honestly, I was a little worried about my hairdryer during this heroic mission. I don’t think Conair hairdryers are meant to run non-stop for over and hour. (Even Rapunzel’s hair would dry in about half of that time.) So, I was worried that my little orange friend would burn up and blow its last warm breath. I am sure if it had died, it would receive little hairdryer wings.

We are wrapping our heat tape differently today. Joe has already redone our water connections and streamlined the connection of our heated hose. Later today, we may venture to the hardware store to search for better insulation and insulating ideas. We probably won’t be able to install our car insulation today, but that is definitely on the agenda for tomorrow.

The only place frozen water belongs is in our ice-maker inside of the fridge! Please say a prayer for us that we survive the winter without any frozen pipes. Thank you and God bless!

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