New Year

It is December 31st, the last day of 2020.

The Alarm clock on Joe’s cell phone dutifully began ringing at 7 am central time. (We went to bed last night after midnight.) I tried to ignore it and roll deeper into my soft, warm bedding. However, Joe sprang from the bed and began to rustle around the kitchen making coffee, and God only knows what else. I casually opened my eyes, grabbed my cell phone, and scanned the news looking for overnight disasters.

Unable to roll over and return to sleep, I begrudgingly shed my warm covers. Cold air instantaneously assaulted my bare t-shirt clad arms. Staggering, I grabbed my hoodie, wrapped a throw blanket around myself, and scampered over to the digital wall thermometer to check our coach’s temperature.

The wall thermometer read 68 degrees. But, in my tired, grumpy, fridged state, I was sure it was lying! I rolled into my throw blanket on the couch and raised the window shade behind me. The lake was fogged in, and the sky reflected an icy, cold gray. My mood somehow mimicked the weather, and I had no warmth in my soul. This morning, Joe asked me if I was ok, and I automatically said, “yeah.” Silence hung in the air until after breakfast, when I suggested a walk.

We bundled into warm clothing and boots, prepared for an arctic freeze. However, when we stepped out of the camper, the cold, brisk air was inviting. The morning fog was beginning to lift, and with every step, my sour mood began to improve. I started to reflect on some of our blessings this year. Yes, like many, we have struggled to live in a post-Covid world. But, our blessings always outnumber our trials and tribulations. Each day is a precious gift. The cold olds, the gray ones, the disappointing ones, the tragic ones. Along with the many good ones.

This is the first year that we have lived full-time in our camper. It has been a learning experience for us. We have figured out how to adjust for our fluctuating living expenses, and we are learning how to make better use of our small space. We miss our Memphis family and friends, but we are enjoying the company of our Indiana family, and we are creating new friendships along the way.

We were able to visit Joe’s South Dakota/Wyoming cousins this year, and we look forward to spending more time in their neck of the woods. Someday.

We, as people, have had so many new obstacles to deal with this year. Delta, and now Omnicom. We have lost friends, loved ones, and acquaintances, adding to the ever-increasing Covid deaths. The economy has not fully recovered, and people are reluctantly returning to the workforce. Businesses are hanging on by a tread. It is sad to wait 20 minutes in a drive-through line because there are not enough workers on the job to flip the burgers.

As the clock strikes midnight this year, my prayer is that God blesses you and the new season with many blessings. I pray we have eyes to see the abundance of grace that surrounds us each and every day. God bless!

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