Better Insulation, Fat Geese, and a Frozen Lake

Someone posted a beautiful picture of a warm, inviting beach in the Florida Keys, the other day, in one of the FaceBook RV Lifestyle Groups I belong to. White sand, blue water, sunny sky, and a row of wooden beach chairs topped with shady umbrellas lined the beach, begging for someone to stop by and have a delicious Pina Colada. I signed because my life right now is not warm and balmy. I thought, for about two-point-five split seconds, “Wouldn’t it be nice?!?”  My answer to myself was yes, of course, it would be nice. What is not to like about a tropical breeze and a cold Pina Colada? However, I find, I actually enjoy and embrace frozen winter temperatures.

Our high temperatures here in Northern Indiana have been in the upper twenties. Our lows have been averaging below fifteen degrees. A couple of weeks ago, we were suffering from water freezing in our RV water filter. Thus, no running water in our Motorhome. Last week, we worked at weatherproofing our Motorhome better, and our hard work is paying off. Joe, my husband, lined the bays with insulation, and he purchased a shop light for our wet bay. Using a seventy-five-watt halogen bulb, plenty of heat tape, and insulation, we have had no more problems with frozen water.

While Joe was busy working on the bays outside, I cut and taped plastic Frostking film and installed it on all of our windows. I used blue painter tape instead of the pretty double-stick tape from the kit because I did not want the adhesive to pull off our paint when I removed it in the Spring. The film and tape are kind of ugly. But, I am happy to say that it is twenty-eight degrees outside, and our floor furnace has not kicked on at all in the last hour. We are toasty warm.

I am amazed at the winter beauty that surrounds me. This is my first opportunity to ever watch a lake freeze. Every day I notice a little bit more ice on the surface of the water. Along the shoreline, the ice is frozen in a wavelike pattern. A colony, of geese, lives on a floating Island of Ice in the middle of the lake. They remind me of tenement dwellers in New York City, huddled together on a thin band of real estate. They are fun to watch. It is like having our own private zoo.

Yesterday we drove to the wildlife preserve and went on a two-mile hike. It was peaceful, quiet, and cold. Bundled in long underwear, parka, hat, scarf, and gloves, I looked prepared for the Arctic Circle. However, except for my face, I was nice and warm.

Today, we plan to find a few back roads and drive a country mile or two. Who knows where the adventure will lead us!

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