My Horrible, Awful, Addiction

After a rainy day, a low spot in our yard fills with water. It is known as our family lake. A couple of days ago, someone let Lucy go into the backyard when the lake was full of water. And, once again, she went for a swim. When I bathed her, I noticed that she had numerous mats. Therefore, I grabbed a dematting tool and proceeded to try and comb them away.

Neither Lucy nor I were having much fun; I-sitting on the floor with a sopping wet dog, and she-having her fur tugged at for twenty minutes! So, therefore, I needed another approach. Unprepared to really groom a dog, I grabbed the only pair of dog shears I could find. (My inexpensive curved scissors, which are dull as dishwater!) I, then, proceeded to chop away. Two hours later, she was mat free; But, after she dried, she looked like Swiss cheese.

Last night, I grabbed my good scissors and evened up her fur.

…Fast forward to today.

Joe, my husband and I decided to take a relaxing trip to a State Park. Joe went to go and get firewood and I sat down with Lucy to relax. That was until I saw it!! Oh no, Lucy! Is your fur uneven on one side?!? Oh no! Poor baby! I can fix that!!

I ran into the camper, grabbed my scissors, and happily started cutting away. After I few moments I looked down. The ground was covered in hair…I was covered in hair. My only coat was covered in hair! The ground I could sweep….possibly. My only coat…impossible. Is there such a thing as Groomer’s Anonymous?

P.S. Lucy says “Look Mom! Dad has a better idea! Why don’t we just play ball?”

4 Thoughts

  1. Oh mercy! That reminds me of trying to cut “bangs” for the first time and have one side shorter than the other……yes, ok, I need to trim the otherside to match, etc, etc! (This story happened on our girls when they were pretty young! So sorry for both you and Lucy on this one.
    Oh, and not sure if you’ve had any update on my sister, Kathleen. She said they might let her come home next Friday.


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