A Piranha and a Hairbrush

lucy and the brush 2Grooming Lucy is a task. But, not because it’s a time-consuming task; but, it is because she is not a big devotee of the brush. She does not merely act like a squirmy little girl with a tender scalp; no, she is more like a baby piranha! I have attempted many different tactics for distracting her during this dreaded task. Everything from yummy treats, to brushing her softly at first, to tying her up, and explaining why having her hair brushed is so important.

Nothing works. Especially trying to reason with a forty pound hairball. I tell her “Lucy if your hair begins to mat close to your skin, it’s gonna hurt! Pleaaase, hold still and quit nipping at the brush and my hands!” But, does my little piranha listen? No! I believe that she thinks it’s a game. I bet she thinks that if she nips the brush, I will throw the thing and she can chase it….Or not.

As I struggle with Lucy, I recollect about my own life, and the games I play when I don’t really want to do something.

There are a lot of things that are good for me. But, some of them, I simply don’t like or want to do. One of my ‘hairbrushes’ is dieting and  another is exercising! I know I should be more careful about what I eat. But, I turn my decision, to eat unhealthy things, into a game. It’s called the- Just this once game. I say, “Just this once won’t hurt.

I do this in a lot of areas of my life. I know what I should do. But, still I sink into what’s comfortable and convenient. I need to resolve to be bigger; stronger.

Lucy doesn’t understand she must have the discipline to sit calmly and peaceably for the hairbrush. Hopefully, she will learn with time. But, in my own life I have the gift of reason. God gave me the ability to make good choices for myself. I need to choose to do what’s best for me. This is my prayer.

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