Me and You

DSC_0119 (2)Me and You and a Dog Named Boo… (Really her name is Lucy) DSC_0132Traveling…. well, sometimes speeding down the road of life.  How often do we get caught up- racing at break neck speeds, to accomplish what?? How often do we focus so completely on the task and do not take the time to observe the world around us? 

DSC_0092I am often guilty. I get caught up in a million things. I busy myself, leaving little time for what’s important. Don’t get me wrong, I love to be busy and I do like my life; But, I sometimes need time to recharge.

I love to camp and spend time in nature because it helps me to refocus myself.  Even Jesus needed time for prayer and solitude.  In the dark gray of his winter months, I wonder if he observed the colors all around him? DSC_0100

 In nature and in solitude…I do.

This weekend, camping in the cold and rain, I was able to enjoy the color of winter.  Subtle shades of gray, mixed with soft taupey browns, painted on a canvas of trees, lake, and sky. The master’s work. Brilliant and beautiful.  He wants me to have the eyes to see. 

Not only in nature. But, all around me. The touch of my husband’s hand. My church. Lucy’s soft fur. The laughter of my grandchildren. The comradery of my children and family.  The challenges of my job.  Every day tasks.

Please help me to have eyes that see.


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