Mama Don’t Cha Go

When the alarm clock blared, after being off work for a whole week due to ‘inclement weather’, I rolled over and pretended to be asleep. I nestled closer to Lucy, who was lying beside me.

Pleasant bliss…..

img_1712As I lay there my senses became aware of the smell of fresh brewed coffee and as I heard my husband’s footsteps descending closer down the hall, I knew my time for snuggling under the covers was rapidly drawing to an end.

At the sound of my husbands voice, I struggled to a sitting position and gently stroked IMG_1550Lucy’s soft fur. “Time to get up girl,” I said. She responded with a low moan that sounded like a cross between a soft growl and a gentle whimper. “ I know,” I replied. “My sentiments exactly.”

I buried my face deeply into her gorgeous mane and sat quietly, working up the courage to face the inevitable. She smelled like the great outdoors and the many hands that have touched her fur seeking comfort and solace. At that moment, I began to ponder the love of a pet. People love is great. Don’t get me wrong. But, the love of a pet is a very special kind of love.

It’s truly unconditional. I wonder if that’s the kind of love that God wanted all love to be. Did God give us pets to remind us how to love?

SLGX5225As I pulled away from my moment of meditation and slowly moved away from my warm, cozy place of solitude to get ready for a busy day at work, Lucy cocked her head and gave a quick “ruff.” I think she was saying, “Mama, don’t cha go!” Someday, Lucy someday.

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