Clippers, Scissors, Hair, and the Floor

Once again, I find myself sitting on the floor, covered in hair, scissors in hand, trying my best to groom a forty pound hair ball. Scissor trimming went a little easier this time. However, I am beginning to wonder if spending seventy-five bucks for a professional hair stylist might be a better solution.


That said, my relationship with my 2 speed, Andis AGC hair clippers has been a happy one. Well, it has been a happy relationship…until today. The blades have been getting hot every time I use it, and I have been noticing a lot of hair trapped in the clipper devise. So today, I thought, “Easy fix. I can just remove the two screws, located on the blade. Remove the blade. Clean out the hair and replace the blade.”

So, I did just that! Sort of…

img_1702I removed the screws off of the the top of the blade and off popped the blade. Actually, to be more accurate, I should say, off popped two blades (upper and lower). I cleaned out all of the hair and the proceeded to try and put the blade back together again. Notice I said try…. I messed with the thing for twenty minutes trying to figure out how to line up the two blades and reapply the screws.

It was then, that I decided that some instructions might be helpful. So, I grabbed my iffy-nifty, IPad, and after opening my YouTube Application, I searched for how to ‘reassemble an Andis clipper blade’.

With the help of Jeff Andrews and his YouTube video entitled ‘Clipper Blade Assembly’, I learned that removing the two little screws, that were holding my blade together, was a really stupid idea. I also learned that Jeff could help me reassemble my clipper blade.

And so I sat in the middle of my bathroom floor, covered in hair (poor little Lucy sat beside me with a half of a haircut), and we watched Jeff Andrews (over and over again) try to explain to us how to reassemble our Andis clipper blade.

Mechanic, I AM NOT! To reassemble an Andis blade, one first must be able to totally disassemble an Andis blade. And, honestly, I didn’t have a clue. After an hour and a half, my husband, my valiant knight in shining armor, came to my rescue. With the help of Jeff Andrews, my husband was able to reassemble my Andis blade in about a half an hour.

I should have You-tubed how to properly remove the blade in the first place. Three hours later, Lucy was finally all trimmed up. Honestly, with the floor full of hair, I don’t think she looked much different than when I began!

Then, it was time for a bath. I am still searching for a pet shampoo that I really like. I am currently using Chi Pet Shampoo (and I don’t like it). At twelve dollars a bottle, I think I am really wasting my money.  Plus, it takes three applications to make her feel really clean, and it does not lather.  On the upside- at three applications per bath event it won’t take me long to use it up and buy something else.

I have finally broken down and bought a real pet dryer. (Drying Lucy with my own hairdryer takes forever) The pet dryer looks like a canister vacuum cleaner and has the power of a cyclone. The down side is- that Lucy is not exactly thrilled with my new purchase. She tolerates the dryer as long as it does not blow on her chest or face. Then she tries to attack the thing.

So far on this pet grooming adventure, I have purchased one pet dryer, one nail clipper and nail grinder, one haunch harness, four different kinds of hair brushes, and three pairs of scissors. I could set up my own grooming salon! Ha!

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