Southern Snow Days- Lucy’s First Snow

DSC_0048Any kind of snow event when you live in the south is a big deal.  The minute the weatherman begins to discuss the possibility of a flake or two falling from the sky, people get excited. Bread and milk fly from the grocery store shelves like folk are preparing for the Holocaust,  and children both young and old giggle with glee.

Sometimes the weatherman fools us, and people are stuck with a lot of bread and milk to consume. When this happens, a big dose of disappointment drops from the cosmos. (Unless, of course, you are one of those poor unfortunate souls who must go to work anyway. Snow or no-snow!)  

 But, today that did not happen.

With a little sleet and an inch of snow, we had a snow holiday!  All of the schools began to close last night, (with temps in the 50’s) in anticipation of this snow event. The County Government closed its doors this morning, and many businesses were either closed, or they posted delayed openings.


At our house, we really had a snow holiday.  At nine a.m., with a steady flow of snow falling from the sky, we dug out and put on our boots, hats, and gloves and headed for the front yard.  Even Lucy got in on the action. (But, because she’s a fur ball, she did not wear anything else.) 

We had a blast. The sleds came down from the attic for their annual appearance, and the kids hit the slopes. (Well, really, just the little hill in front yard.) 

 Lucy got to play, romp, and run off leash. (Cars do not travel very fast down our street when it snows!) She had an awesome time until she stopped listening, and then her mom and dad put her back on a leash!

 DSC_0126After a few hours, we finally came back indoors.  Lucy’s feet were covered in snowballs, and every time she walked, she dropped huge chunks of snow on the living room carpet. 

She wonders, “How do northern puppies keep their feet dry?” But, she says it was awesome-fun anyway.   Happy Snow Friday, everyone!

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