Why Lucy

IMG_0466We have tossed around a lot of names for our new four legged friend, names like Emma Swan, the hero from the TV show “Once Upon a Time”, to names like Marley (even if she was a girl). I even jokingly said at breakfast one morning that we could name her Snickers, because then, we would have a Snickerdoodle.

By almost unanimous family vote, we decided on Lucy. One of our all time favorite TV shows has been “I Love Lucy”. We have loved it because Lucille Ball had the ability to reach people wherever they were and make them smile. The “I Love Lucy” show has been part of our family culture. After a long, hard day we would enjoy sitting down and watching an episode or two. Lucy’s antics were too funny! She was, and is, our family’s favorite redhead. The pups we are looking at have gorgeous dark-caramel coats. They are too cute!

Everything I am currently writing about Australian Labradoodles is from what I have read about the breed. I have no first hand knowledge. Australian Labradoodles are supposed to be very empathetic, thus, they are used as therapy dogs. I have read that if a family member is sad, they will try to cheer them up with silly antics, just like Lucile Ball.

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