Lucy’s Toys

The puppies are only five weeks old and our Lucy, who we still have not officially identified, has a whole basket full of new toys. Nothing in this world is more fun than shopping for new puppy essentials and toys, especially when you bring four children to PetSmart to complete the task. After considerable debating over the color of collar and leash, we unanimously voted for the aqua blue matching set. Each child was then allotted ten dollars to purchase a puppy toy of their choice. We ended up with a variety of plush squeaky toys and a pink Frisbee.

I designated a wicker basket, designed to hold lots of stuff, as Lucy’s toy basket. The toy. inventory in the basket, continues to grow! I have learned that Dollar Tree is an excellent place to feed my dog-toy-buying addiction. I have a feeling that we will be swimming in ceiling to floor dog toys before our new puppy even arrives! I can’t wait to meet our new canine friend. In a few weeks, we should officially know which puppy is our Lucy. Until then, we can have fun guessing!

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