Fun at the Park and the Very Icky Shower

I live in a County that is fortunate enough to have a spacious, off-leash dog park. Occasionally, we will bring Lucy there for some off-leash fun. In the very middle of the park is a very large pond! Lucy loves to play in that dirty, old water! She will run, splash, bury her head in it, and chase any object thrown out into it’s murky depths!

After a couple of hours at the park, we load our stinky, wet, friend back into our car and head for home. For Lucy, the day is all fun and games until we return home. Then, the very same dog, who was joyfully splashing around in the muddy water, will run and duck for cover the minute she sees the towels come out. Because….she knows that towels mean shower time!1D97CB8D-076A-4A9D-9B4B-3DC513357C0C

After much coaxing, she will slink to the bathroom, and with a slight nudge from her mom, will acquiesce to climbing into the shower. Begrudgingly. She then, proceeds to stare at me with the most pathetic look ever given to any dog owner in the history of time.E7FA3059-24E6-422F-847F-629CD273E07D

I tell her “It’s OK Lucy. I am making you clean.” I think I hear her say, “Really Mom!?! Clean??? I hate the smell of clean mom! Shampoo stinks, Mom! Can’t we just skip the shower?”

“No, Lucy. Trust me. You need the shower!” “Ok Mom, if I really h-a-v-e too. But, afterwards mom, may I run really, really, fast all through the house? May I Mom?” “Yes, Lucy.” She says, “Oh boy! I can’t wait! That will be so much fun!”

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