Why I love my Labradoodle

We are taking a vacation and I am snuggled up on the RV sofa; Lucy is nuzzled up beside me. My hubby is in the cab driving and the rest of the family is following behind us in their minivan. Our destination, for tonight, is Ft. Smith, Arkansas. We are heading to Arizona to visit relatives, and to see the Grand Canyon. I wasn’t sure about bringing Lucy, our Labradoodle, on this trip. The family members, we left at home, will truly miss her. I find it amazing that she is everyone’s dog. She is a big part of out family; She interacts with each person differently. She loves everyone. But, ultimately, I think she relies on my hubby and me the most. I think it’s the main reason we decided to bring her. Well, that, and…we would miss her like crazy.

I am looking forward to having the time to work on her training and to just chill. I am enjoying just sitting here doing nothing except pecking away at the keys of my IPad.

So, while I am sitting here, with nothing to do, and no one to really talk to (because sitting on the couch of a noisy Class C RV, makes it impossible to hold a conversation with someone in the cab of the rig), I will continue type away.

You might ask, “Why, for goodness sake, are you sitting on the couch of the noisy RV while your hubby is driving in the much quieter cab?” Well, because, when I sit in the much quieter cab, it isn’t quiet at all; And, when it is quiet, it is not very roomy. When I sit in the cab, Lucy either barks non-stop from a distance or sits in my lap. Well, more like, tries to sit on my lap. The co-pilot seat in an old Class C RV, is not very spacious. So, when Lucy tries to sit on my lap, my face is full of fur or tail, depending on which end is pointing up! So, to defer the barking and to avoid smelling dog butt, I sit in the back.

Barking is probably Lucy’s most annoying habit. She is very vocal. She is beginning to get a little quieter as she ages; However, she still has a lot of puppy (and barking) in her. At eight months old, she bark for attention; She barks whenever she wants something; She barks at strangers; She barks at family; She barks and she barks! Guess you get the picture. That being said, I would not want to own any other type of dog! I love my doodle! Warts and all. Her good qualities far out weigh her bad.

She is smart. Not just a lot little smart. Very smart! She can find hidden treat by smell. Also, she can locate family members by smell. The other day, I told her to get my granddaughter. She started for the girl’s bed room and then stopped in her tracks and switched directions. I didn’t even know that my granddaughter wasn’t in her room.

Because she is so smart, she learns new things quickly! House training was super easy. She’s had two accidents in the house her whole entire eight months of life.

She can talk. I don’t mean just bark. She actually communicates non-verbally. I know what she want through eye contact and other non verbal cues. I have never owned a dog that could do that before.

She is soft and pretty. I have never touch a dog with fur as soft as Lucy’s fur. Except for other doodles! The best thing is that she doesn’t shed hair all over my stuff. She never sheds. I love petting and loving on her. It’s wonderful to sit here with a soft, silky, fur ball lying beside me.

She is very sweet and has a wonderful disposition. Her bark can sound scary. But, all she wants is attention. I have never seen her get mad at anything. Well maybe one thing…the vacuum cleaner. She seriously wanted to take it out the other day. She was snapping, growling and barking at the thing! But, people? She loves everyone.

She likes being a clown and knows no personal boundaries. She makes me laugh! As for no personal boundaries, we are working on training her in that area. But, we spoil her entirely too much! She too easy to spoil! We are blessed to own such a wonderful dog.  P.S. –  I am still sitting on the sofa. Lucy is the  co-pilot!

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