via Daily Prompt: Climbing

When you are young and little, climbing is very scary and very hard.

As I watch our pup Lucy quietly investigate the stairs with a wary eye, I try to encourage her to take at least one step. To which she replies, with a shake of the head and paws straight out, in a make-shift braking  system, “No way.”  I can not convince her that she will soon get the hang of it, if she were to only try.  So, I simply say, “It’s OK, Lucy, maybe tomorrow.”

Lucy knows that I will protect her and keep her from harm, but she is just not ready to climb to new heights yet.  I don’t push. I meet her where she is and simply wait patiently. As I watch her, I think about how I am very much like Lucy.   I reflect on my own life, past, present and probably what’s to come.  More often than not, I am hesitant to climb. Certainly not physical stairs, but stairs of uncertainty – age, relationships, goals, spirituality, and aspirations.  The steps are too high, deep or steep. Often it is too dark, and I can’t seem to find my way.  So, I refuse to budge. I tell God I trust him in all things, but he knows me. When I refuse to budge, he simply waits. Patiently, he encourages me, meeting me where I am. He knows, as I know with Lucy, that when I am ready, I will make the climb.

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