Life With A Doodle


I love a good campfire, especially when it’s cool in the evening! I enjoy just relaxing by the fire, watching the flames hungrily lick the wood, and exploring my thoughts. I also enjoy talking with family and friends at the fire, good times, good food, good music, lots of fun!

Part of the Life

Living in a rolling house has many perks. But it has a few pitfalls as well. We love our wandering lifestyle, so we accept the pitfalls as part of the life. The biggest pitfall we encounter is that every small creature that lives outside wants to share the comfort of our cozy abode. Honestly, I…

Tuscan Hills Winery

One of our favorite places to stay on I57 at Effingham, Illinois, is Tuscan Hill Winery. The Winery is one of the numerous Harvest Host Affiliates. They have a level, spacious gravel parking lot. Last night we tucked in along the side of the lot, next to a golden cornfield. It was awesome watching the…

In Retrospect: The Poconos

Tuesday, May 31, 2022 We are off on another adventure today. This time we are exploring some of the waterfalls in the Pocono mountains. It is very overcast today, and storms are predicted for this afternoon. The colors are flat and lifeless, and it’s not really a good day for photography. But, in life, one…


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About Lucy

Hi, I’m Lucy! My “parents” are Laurie and Joe, and they love sharing their favorite stories about me with you!

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