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Fall Day at Caboose Lake

After suffering three days of solid rain, the sunshine this morning was a welcome change. I decided to grab my camera and capture some of the Fall foliage around Caboose Lake Campground.

Wolcott Theater Cafe

Last week, Joe, my husband, said, “If you want, I’ll take you out to lunch!” Now, that sounds very sweet, but the reality is we live in the middle of nowhere (for now). So, out to lunch usually means Micky-Ds or Taco Smells, simply because there are not many other options in the small town…

Home Grown

Something that I have come to recognize about myself is that maybe I am somewhat of a Hippie. No, I don’t eat granola, nor do I Hula-Hoop. However, I do enjoy farm-fresh meats and produce. I like my beef grass-fed (Unless it’s steak-then bring on the corn-fed beef!) I like all kinds of fruits and…


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About Lucy

Hi, I’m Lucy! My “parents” are Laurie and Joe, and they love sharing their favorite stories about me with you!

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