Where I’m Suppose to Be

We are finally making the transition from quasi-fulltime RV living to a full-time lifestyle. Not having a brick-and-mortar home provides a lot of freedom, but being nomads adds another kind of stress to our lives. There are so many choices, and I often get lost in the freedom. I often worry about the loss of security that a life connected to things gives.

The following story was written by Christine Shelton, a fellow RVer, and is reposted with the permission of the author. Thanks, Christine! I needed to hear these words in my life today because living this life without structure and ties is scary. I question sometimes whether I am really supposed to be living this type of nomadic life. Christine’s story helps me see that I really can be “where I’m supposed to be” even without the structure and the ties that things give.

“Where I’m Supposed to Be” by Christine Shelton

This lifestyle is more than a camper. It’s a mindset. My husband and I are in our mid50s, quit our jobs over two years ago and have been Full-Timing ever since. The challenge is that there are so many choices. Which rig? Where to go? How long to stay? It’s a new kind of stress. But stress nonetheless. Always feeling like there’s somewhere better I should be; something better I should be doing.

I went kayaking the other day and the wind forced me to shore. So, I went on an unexpected hike and found something unexpected. This crazy-looking Saguaro in the Arizona desert. Each one is unique and tells a story.

Saguaros look majestic and strong. But everything about them is quite miraculous. A series of impossible conditions have to be present for them to take root. It takes four years to grow an inch, and the first arm doesn’t appear until it’s over 50 years old! Critters burrow in them. Birds drink from them. Frost damages them. Up close they are prickly, battered and scarred. But the overall result is an awe-inspiring plant that is 90% water, can reach up to 45-feet tall and live over 140 years.

It’s a reminder that this lifestyle is a mindset. I had planned to kayak a certain number of miles in a certain amount of time because I’m not just kayaking. This counts as exercise, too! But instead, I sat next to this Saguaro and thought: Today, this is where I’m supposed to be.

Photos by Christine Shelton

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