Leaving Indiana

Our time in northern Indiana is quickly drawing to an end. The leaves are slowly falling from the trees. Bright golden and red hues give way to bare branches, and the sky is beginning to take on a steel gray winter cast.

I will miss my sister and family here. It has been a blessing to go and see her every single day! I will also miss the new friends I have made at Caboose Lake.  This is a great little campground. We have thought about wintering here, but we can’t. It is too cold, too snowy….the weather is too scary. When I ponder the idea of wintering here, a nightmare plays out in my head. I envision bone-cold temps, tons of snow, running out of propane, and frozen pipes. Which means no heat or running water, and I am not a penguin!

So, this southern gal will be running to a warmer climate next week!  First, we have a pit stop in Decatur, Indiana, at REV for some much-needed RV repairs.  Our second air conditioner has a broken motor mount. It sounds like a plane engine as it shakes and rattles the entire Motorhome when we use it.

It has been a beautiful fall here. Last weekend, we took a little hike on another one of Indiana’s lovely Wildlife Preserves. This one was in Carroll County. If you are ever in northern Indiana and are in the mood for a bit of a hike, you can view all of their properties at nicheslandtrust.org.

Hope you enjoy our pictures. Until next time- Laurie

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