Wolcott Theater Cafe

Last week, Joe, my husband, said, “If you want, I’ll take you out to lunch!” Now, that sounds very sweet, but the reality is we live in the middle of nowhere (for now). So, out to lunch usually means Micky-Ds or Taco Smells, simply because there are not many other options in the small town of Remington, Indiana.

However, in the town of Wolcott, just four miles up the road, there is a cute little pub and grill. So, “Why don’t we go to Wolcott?” I suggested. “Wolcott??? Wolcott is tinier than Remington,” says Joe. And he is right. However, Wolcott has a little downtown area consisting of a pub, a bank, and an old Movie theater that advertises food on a giant billboard in front of the theater.

Now yesterday, on our way to the pub, I caught a glimpse of the billboard, and it read, Wednesday’s Lunch Special-Chicken and Noodles, and I love Chicken and Noodles. So, I said to Joe, “I want to eat in the Movie Theater.” His reaction was, “You want to eat where?” “The Movie Theater,” I reiterated. “Today, they have Chicken and Noodles.” Neither of us knew what to expect from the Movie Theater, ‘cause who eats in a Movie Theater? But obviously many people eat there because the parking lot and street were filled with parked cars!

Inside there was what looked to be a “take-out” counter and behind it was a little grill. Scattered throughout the rest of the little restaurant were folding tables covered in plastic tablecloths. About twenty men were sitting around the cafe in various stages of eating lunch. Behind the counter was a lady. So naturally, we went up to the counter. “What can I help you with?” she says. “We want to eat,” we said. She asked, “Dine in or Take out?” “Dine-in, please,” was our response. The server instructed us to have a seat, and she would be over to help us. So, that is what we did.

A few minutes later, the lady plops two pieces of cake down on our table. I guess we looked very confused because she then said, “The cake is part of every lunch.” I ordered the Chicken and noodles, and Joe ordered hot ham on a croissant with a side of chips and pasta salad.

Carbie-Heaven Country Food! It was good, yet simple cuisine. And did I mention there was a lot of it! Ten minutes later, I was delivered a heaping plate of Chicken and noodles, with a side of mashed potatoes, mixed veggies, and a cafeteria roll. When I finished eating, Joe had to roll me out of the restaurant!

After this event, on another occasion, I asked Joe if he would run out to the Movie Theater and pick us up breakfast. My husband returned with a big box of food! He brought back omelets stuffed with yummy goodness, sausage patties the size of small pancakes, country gravy, and toast. Oh my…three words-It was delicious!

So, if you ever find yourself in northern Indiana and you are hungry for good ol’ country food- Wolcott Cinema Cafe is the perfect place to be! Heaping’ hot and lots of it!

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  1. Good morning Laurie and Joe. Eddie and Jaci here. We loved reading about the movie theater. We will definitely follow all of this great information that you are providing in the future.

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