Quiet Indiana

We have been in Indiana for two weeks now.  Life has settled down into quiet rhythms and routines, and life has been good.

I love being retired. A typical day begins at about eight-thirty, with coffee as we sit outside under the awning watching the rabbits and birds parade by in an endless stream. They dare Lucy, our Labradoodle, to initiate a fun game of chase! Sometimes they succeed, and when that happens, we migrate to the Motorhome and begin our breakfast process.

We are not cereal and milk people. We do own cereal and milk,  but it seldom is it on the breakfast menu.  We prefer eggs and sausage or bacon. Joe usually cooks while I leisurely scroll through the news and look at Facebook.

After breakfast, most days, we clean up the RV, throw a load of laundry into our Splendide Washer unit, and prepare to visit with family thirty miles south in Lafayette.

The drive to Lafayette is pretty. The landscape is littered with lazy cornfields and wind turbines rotating slowly in quiet unison, even on a busy interstate.  The wind turbines give tribute to the culture of ‘sophisticated country life’ in northern Indiana.

In addition to neatly planted fields of corn and soy, colorful wildflowers dot the landscape with a beautiful spread of color in mother nature’s garden.

Being from the south, I love the cooler weather that Indiana affords us. In Memphis, Tennessee, for example, a typical August day is hot and humid. Temperatures soar into the mid-nineties and the only creatures having a great time outside are the flies and mosquitoes. Or those fortunate enough to spend the day in a swimming pool. In Indiana, though, the daytime temperatures now are  In the mid to low eighties. We have even seen some days in the seventies! 

In Indiana, we are not surrounded by tall majestic mountains nor roaring seas. However, a simplistic beauty surrounds us. We love northern Indiana.

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