via Daily Prompt: Unravel

IMG_0657As I watch my wiley pup quietly unraveling a rope,  I pause to reflect on the things that unravel in my life. Unraveling can be a good thing, like when things unravel to expose beautiful surprise. I enjoy the hidden mysteries of life that unravel before my  eyes.  Sometimes things are wound so tight, that I can’t see or find my way. It is in those times that I must have faith and trust that things are going to work out  in the end.

Things can also unravel in a bad way.  Sometimes the changes happen so slowly, that one doesn’t even realize that the unraveling is taking place – lIke when relationships fall apart, or when illness happens, and one becomes terminally ill. It can even happen when good friends drift apart. I pray to see the beauty in all of the unravelings in my life. In both the good and the bad, I hope to see the beauty hidden within.


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