Life With A Doodle

Where I’m Suppose to Be

We are finally making the transition from quasi-fulltime RV living to a full-time lifestyle. Not having a brick-and-mortar home provides a lot of freedom, but being nomads adds another kind of stress to our lives. There are so many choices, and I often get lost in the freedom. I often worry about the loss of…

Leaving Indiana

Our time in northern Indiana is quickly drawing to an end. The leaves are slowly falling from the trees. Bright golden and red hues give way to bare branches, and the sky is beginning to take on a steel gray winter cast. I will miss my sister and family here. It has been a blessing…

Fall Day at Caboose Lake

After suffering three days of solid rain, the sunshine this morning was a welcome change. I decided to grab my camera and capture some of the Fall foliage around Caboose Lake Campground.


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Hi, I’m Lucy! My “parents” are Laurie and Joe, and they love sharing their favorite stories about me with you!

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